Language Courses for Companies

Quality is no coincidence.  We can train your employees! The external appearance of a company is very important in today's times. Our range of qualified language training includes individual employee training. Since 2014, the Bildungszentrum Rheinfelden has also offered customized language courses for companies.

From beginner to advanced levels, you  can learn German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Our high-quality courses are tailored exactly to your professional and personal needs for the discerning customer. We offer both individual and group lessons in very different disciplines and define priorities with individually tailored intensity. In individual or group training, qualification standards are implemented, creating the ideal conditions for successful, international communication. Our range of services covers all professional fields from the commercial, pharmaceutical and technical fields.

Needs Analysis for Companies -

Arrange a personal consultation or let us advise you by phone on 07623-6808 so that we can design a language course according to your needs.

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On going language courses with professional certification